What we do

We strive to provide the best in maintenance and repairs for your car, coupled with excellent customer service.

Servicing & MOT

We can carry out your service and MOT at the same time, keeping your vehicle healthy and performing safely at it’s peak.

Air Con

An air-conditioning service by our trained technicians will keep things running smoothly and keep you cool and those warm days.


We supply high performance brake pads and discs from a range of manufacturers and can replace the brakes on any make or model of vehicle.


We have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the right tyre for your vehicle to suit the type of driving you do.

Diagnostics & Fault Finding

We are equipped with the latest computers and software programmes to read your vehicle and diagnose any component failures.

Meeting your motoring needs

Your vehicle deserves the best treatment, and that’s why we’re committed to offering repair and maintenance services that are Second-2-None.

Our purpose-built state-of-the-art workshop in Faringdon, Oxfordshire is conveniently situated half way between Swindon and Oxford.

Owned and operated by Bob Hopgood who has 38 years in the industry, we’re official partners for the world leading Brembo braking systems and fully affiliated to the exclusive Point S Network of independent tyre and autocare dealers.

We may have the look, feel, experience, skill and connections you’d expect to find at a top of the range specialised dealership but our professional mechanics and technicians are here for any make or model of vehicle, at reasonable prices comparable with a local corner garage.

We’ll meet all your motoring needs ensuring you a safe, happy driving experience, and you’re guaranteed to get top rated service with a smile.

Well Equipped & Competent

Working closely with our sister company, Brake Innovations, located directly opposite our spacious property in a matching new building, we are well equipped and competent to carry out any vehicle servicing, repairs, fitments and diagnostics that you may require, offering a quick turn-around.

Some of the work we do on a regular basis includes:

    We’re particularly proud of the fact that we were invited to join the prestigious Point S network of independent tyre dealers and car maintenance businesses which was established in the UK in 2011, and now has more than 5500 members across 41 countries.

    This discerning organisation demands high standards of customer service and workmanship, competitive pricing and transparency on quotes as criteria for its exclusive membership.

    OEM & Aftermarket Parts

    Best Prices & Superior Quality

    We’re able to source, supply and fit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or top-quality aftermarket parts cost-effectively for almost any make or model of any type of vehicle.

    Our aim is to keep prices for repairs and servicing as low as possible without compromising on quality. With decades in the automotive repairs trade we’ve built up a reliable network of contacts for obtaining spares, parts and accessories from leading manufacturers at affordable rates.

    We do have to admit, however, to offering something extra special when it comes to tyres and brakes. Our Point S affiliation and appointment as the local Faringdon supplier of the world renowned Brembo braking systems means we can offer Point S market leading tyres manufactured by Continental at mid-range prices, and fit your car with superior Italian-made Brembo brakes (used by all the Formula 1 teams for their cars).

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