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A Complex Process

Air-Con Service & Re-Gas

Air conditioning in your vehicle is no longer a luxury, but a standard feature in modern cars – even a necessity during the increasingly hot, humid British summers.

Like anything mechanical, air conditioning systems need to be properly maintained to avoid them breaking down just at the most inopportune time, like the hottest day of the year.

Car air conditioners consist of several integral parts, all of which can become faulty. The process whereby air is cooled and eventually pumped into the cabin of the vehicle is complex, and things can easily go wrong as the refrigerant passes through the system from compressor to condenser, through a receiver, thermal expansion valve and evaporation coils.

An air-conditioning service and re-gas by our trained technicians every couple of years will keep things running smoothly.

Our standard vehicle air conditioning service includes:

  • Recharge and Refrigerant Checks Fault Diagnostics
  • Component Replacement Leak Detection
  • Odour Elimination Hose and Pipe Repair and Replacement

Diagnosing Air Conditioning Problems

Expert Repairs

If your air conditioning breaks down or loses effectiveness there’s no need to get hot under the collar. Second 2 None has trained vehicle air conditioning technicians on standby who will be able to cool things down in a hurry, no matter what vehicle you drive.

Some of the most common problems our customers bring us to be fixed are:

  • Bad smells emanating from the air conditioning which are often caused by a build up of bacteria and mould, or air filters clogged with dirt, dust and stagnant water. If you smell gas or a chemical odour when you turn on the air conditioning there is probably a leak somewhere in the system.
  • The vents are blowing out hot air when the air conditioner is on. This could be down to a number of reasons which we’ll investigate, like a damaged cooling fan, broken condenser or electrical fault.
  • The Air Conditioner won’t turn on. This could be something simple like a broken switch or blown fuse, or it could be that overheating has caused the fan to burn out.

We’re experts at diagnosing and fixing vehicle air-conditioning problems so you can stay comfortable behind the wheel. 

Tips for a Cool Journey

Optimal Use of Air Conditioning

As vehicle air conditioning experts, we are often asked for advice about the use of air conditioners, and how to get the best results from a car air conditioner.

We’ve put together a few tips that may bust some myths and answer some questions.

Firstly, although its tempting, don’t turn the air conditioning on full blast as soon as you jump in the car. It’s more efficient and effective to start it off slowly and increase the flow as the air becomes colder.

Pre-cooling the car while it is idling is not a good idea, because the air conditioner’s compressor works faster when the engine runs faster – you’ll cool down quicker on the move than parked in the drive-way.

The quickest way to spread cold air around the vehicle is to point the vent jets at the ceiling, rather than at the driver and/or passenger’s face. Then everyone gets the benefit.

Don’t forget about your air conditioner during the colder months and give it a run occasionally so it doesn’t seize up and bacteria and mould don’t have a chance to form in the system, which could lead to a nasty whiff coming from the vents.

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