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Your life could depend on the condition of your vehicle’s brakes, so don’t take chances. We have a state-of-the-art dedicated brake check inspection facility in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, where our expert technicians are available to carry out regular checks and servicing on the brake components and braking performance of your vehicle.

Your vehicle owner’s manual should tell you what is required for good brake maintenance, but generally we would recommend a brake service every 12,000 miles.

When conducting our brake services, we work according to the manufacturer’s specifications and standards for the braking system on your particular vehicle, covering any make or model of car, van or SUV.

If any part of your braking system is in need of repair or replacement – for example brake pads, brake fluid or brake discs – we’ll get the job done quickly at a fair price.

We supply and fit OEM or Aftermarket high performance brake parts from a range of leading manufacturers.

Brembo – Simply the Best

Innovative & Reliable Braking Systems

We’re proud to be approved suppliers and fitters of Brembo brakes – globally recognised as leading makers of high-performance brake systems and brake components for all vehicles – including Formula 1 racing cars and Paris-Dakar rally competitors.

If you drive a Ferrari or some other supercar, you’ll probably have Brembo brakes as original equipment, but if you’re just a regular safety-conscious motorist we can fit these premium quality brakes onto your vehicle too, guaranteeing the best braking performance possible.

There are many factors which make Brembo Brakes Superior, such as the fact that they are made with 20% Carbon and have a very unique heat disbursement design optimizing performance and heat management. This along with superior friction compounds eliminates any vapour lock which in-turn causes brake fade and longer braking distances. The exciting technology of Carbon content added to the bare materials in manufacturing processes also eliminates brake corrosion and extends brake life for up to 20%.

One of the main characteristics of Brembo brakes is how light the system components are, leading to torque advantages and lower fuel consumption.

Warning Signs & Symptoms

The Risk of Faulty Brakes

Be alert for signs and symptoms that there is something not right with your brakes and if you notice any of these, please get them attended to urgently before you suffer brake failure:

  • A screeching or squealing sound when you apply the brakes means your brake pads need replacing.
  • If the brake pedal feels soft, giving little resistance when you apply pressure, there could be a problem like leaking brake fluid.
  • If the vehicle pulls to one side as you brake it could be that the brake calipers have seized in place.
  • If the vehicle chassis and steering wheel vibrates or shakes while braking it’s an obvious sign of something serious like worn brake pads.

Hopefully you will be prompted by the brake warning light on your dashboard before you experience any of the above symptoms, so keep an eye out for this indicator and don’t ignore it.

For safety’s sake – yours and other road users – come in Second 2 None for an on-the-spot brake check as soon as you suspect there may be a problem.

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